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Here to explore are just a few Homeopathic Remedies

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Aconite Cocculus Lachesis
Anas Barbariae Colocynthis Ledum
Antimonium Crudum Digitalis Lycopodium
Apis Mellifica Ferrum Metallicum Mercurius
Arnica Ferrum Phosphoricum Natrum Muriaticum
Arsenicum Gelsemium Nux Vomica
Aurum Metallicum Graphites Phosphorus
Belladonna Hepar Sulphuris Pulsatilla
Bryonia Hypericum Rhus Toxicodendron
Calcarea Carbonica Ignatia Sabadilla
Calcarea Fluorica Iodium Sepia
Calcarea Phosphorica Ipecacuanha Silica
Calcarea Sulphurica Kali Bichromicum Spongia Tosta
Cantharis Kali Carbonicum Sulphur
Carbo Vegetabilis Kali Muriaticum Thuja Occidentalis
Chamomilla Kali Phosphoricum Veratrum Album



Brief Homeopathic Indications


Aconite Any case where the symptoms arrive with sudden onset. Inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract are especially significant.

Early stages of the inflammatory process including colds, fever, flu, headache, earache and vomiting.

Can treat shock or where there is a sudden state of fear, anxiety and anguish of the mind.  physical or mental restlessness.

Complaints caused by exposure to dry or cold weather including draughts as well as very hot weather especially gastroenteritis.  All the senses appear highly sensitive such as noise and smells.


Anas Barbariae Commonly used as a preventative for colds and flu. Recommended for elderly or immune compromised people. For anyone with respiratory problems that are made worse by cold or flu.

Can be taken if you have been in contact with anyone with cold or flu as a preventative measure. Can be taken in conjunction with aconite or ferrum phos.


Antimonium Crudum



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Indicated when there is a thickly coated white tongue together with  excessive irritability and the symptoms are aggravated by hot or cold bath. Heat from the sun gives much anguish and displeasure.

Also indicated for gout with gastrointestinal disturbances. Some other signs may be cracks in the corners of the mouth, loss of appetite, bloating after eating, canker sores, constant belching  and diarrhoea alternates with constipation.


Apis Mellifica Apis is derived from bee sting so this is indicated where there is stinging pain from bites and stings from insects including bees. There is localised redness, heat and swelling.

Can also be used for sore throats, nettle rash, allergic reactions and where there is any form of localised swelling.


Arnica Best used for injuries causing bruising and shock.  Good to use during child birth and after any form of surgical or dental procedure to help hasten the healing process.

Gives rapid repair and healing of tissue, good to use for pulled muscles and strain from over exertion.








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Any signs of food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhoea, cramping and stomach pains. Also indicated are burning pains, unquenchable thirst and the mind is irritable with anguish. In some cases the person is scared they are going to "die" and much body weakness is felt.

Can be used in some cases of anaemia, where there is gradual weight loss from impaired nutrition.

Headaches that are relieved by cold, eyes that feel like they are burning and gums may bleed easily and appear unhealthy.

There may be trembling, twitching or spasms in the extremities with cramps in calves and swelling of the feet.


Aurum Metallicum Good for cases of depression where the person feels hopelessness, despondent and there may be a great desire for suicide. There is great self destruction similar symptoms may occur similar to mercurial and syphilitic infections. Glands may be swollen, with heart palpitations and congestion.

Gold (aurum) in the use of anti venereal and anti scrofulous has been practiced for centuries, especially good for cases of syphilis, sexual hyperaesthesia, high blood pressure combined with mental aspects of low spirits, lifelessness and weak memory.

A great sense of worthlessness is felt by the person as well as bad headaches that are worse at night. They may have a feeling as though the heart has stopped beating for a few seconds followed by palpitations.









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Compared to Aconite symptoms and good for the use in first stages of the inflammatory process.  Very good for use with small children especially in cases of earache, colds, flu, fevers, sore throats, toothaches and throbbing pains. 

A true sign of belladonna is bright redness of the face and cheeks with much heat. Hot red skin with glaring eyes and overexcited mental state. Screaming and crying in pain and has an aversion to water. There is generally no thirst with fever.

Good as a remedy for air sickness and used by aviators as a preventative. Belladonna is good for a violent attack with a sudden onset. Person may even seem to be experiencing hallucinations and delirium with fitting and raging. (terrible two year old tantrum) where child has red face and appears to be in a world of their own.


Bryonia Any condition where there is much dryness. Cases of hard dry cough with pain that is aggravated by coughing. Pain from deep breathing and where there is a headache, rheumatic joint pain that is made worse by movement.

Pneumonia where there is dryness and pain under the sternum, there may also be nausea, faintness on rising, confusion, bursting headache as if hit by a hammer. Generally where there is frontal headaches or frontal sinuses involved.

The lips may also be dry, parched, rough and cracked. The throat is also dry and parched, tongue is coated yellow or dark brown with bitter taste in mouth.

There may be hoarseness made worse in open air with dry hacking cough from trachea irritation. Difficult quick breathing, croup and pleuro-pneumonia. warm rooms make the cough worse and seem to aggravate the condition.


Calcarea Carbonica






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For the tickling cough, spasmodic chest pains, nausea, acidity and an aversion to fatty foods.  There may be localised and general perspiration, swelling glands and the person may become out of breath easily.

The calc. carb. patient is generally "fair, fat and flabby" with much perspiration that "wets the pillow". They may be forgetful, confused, low spirited and apprehensive.

They may suffer from hypothyroidism and goitre as well as swollen tonsils and sub maxillary glands with stitching pains on swallowing.

They have much thirst longing for cold drinks, they may also have an aversion to meat, boiled things with a craving for indigestible things and sweets. Milk upsets their stomach.


Calcarea Fluorica A great tissue remedy for hard, stony glands, varicose veins and bone malnutrition. Breast lumps that are hard in the breast tissue and cataracts may also be helped by this remedy.

Congenital syphilis manifesting itself in ulcerations of the mouth and throat also good for tuberculosis.

Person may seem depressed and has a fear of financial ruin. There are flickering sparks before the eyes, spots on the cornea, conjunctivitis and subcutaneous palpebral cysts.

Any cases of hard swellings throughout the body and they may also have stomach and digestive complaints.


Calcarea Phosphorica





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Great for use with teething poor appetite, cramping and colic in babies.  As well as stomach pains, tonsillitis and headaches in adolescents. Has similar symptoms of Calc. carb. however there are differences and characteristics of its own.

Anaemic children who are irritable, flabby, have cold hands and feet and weak digestion.  Has affinity where bones are malformed as it is said to improve the absorption of nutrients and has a tonic effect at times of rapid growth.

The symptoms may become worse with a change in weather and there may be numbness and a feeling of crawling and cold sensations on the skin.


Calcarea Sulphurica Good for some cases of eczema and glandular swellings as well as cystic tumours, fibroids and where the mucous discharges are yellow, thick and lumpy.

Colds with thick yellow purulent secretions frequently tinged with blood. One sided discharge from the nose and edges of the nostrils are sore.

Good during the last stages of an ulcerated throat or suppurating stage of tonsillitis when the abscess is discharging. Sometimes the person may feel burning and itching on the soles of the feet. Dry eczema in children.







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Has an affinity for urinary and respiratory organs. Conditions including Cystitis and urinary infections with pain and burning on urination.

Good for sore burning throats that are painful when swallowing. Things go down the wrong way.

Stuttering conditions where there is confusion of thought and speech or wavering speech, hasty and incoherent.

Also used for indigestion that is painful, stinging cold sores, burns, scalds and sunburn to the skin.


Carbo Vegetabilis Disintegration and irregular oxidation is the keynote of this remedy. A general patient is usually sluggish, fat, lazy and tends towards chronic type symptoms. Poor circulation with blueness, coldness and ecchymosis.

The body tends towards coldness may have blue lips and fingertips, signs of cyanosis. Bacterial blood infections as the blood is stagnant and sepsis and typhoidal states may ensue.

Patient may feel weakness, sleepiness and have spells of fainting, collapse with a desire for fresh air and fanning. Cold sweats with a cold clammy face.

Digestive complaints due to slow sluggish digestion and good for people with poor appetites after having surgery or an illness.






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Another great children's remedy good for teething and colicky babies.  Also good for colds, fevers, earaches and the child can't be pleased and is restless, thirsty, cranky and very sensitive to any pain.

A tell tale sign for chamomilla is one check red and one cheek pale.

Good for the abuse of coffee and narcotics with pains that are unendurable associated with numbness and night sweats.


Cocculus Good for treating paretic conditions notably those affecting one half of the body ie; after a stroke. Conditions causing dizziness, travel sickness and jet lag

Also for situations that may disturb or interrupt sleep and can be taken to help cope with shift work, nursing the sick or tending to a sleepless baby or child.

The mind may feel heavy, time seems to pass too quickly, may have profound sadness and is very anxious about the health of others.


Colocynthis Used for cramping pains that cause doubling over. For griping, flatulent colic with diarrhoea. menstrual cramping pains with contracting and twisting pain as if clamped with iron bands.

the mind is extremely irritable and becomes angry at the slightest questioning.






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Primarily for conditions of the heart, in conditions where there is a slow, weak, irregular pulse.  Weakness and dilation of the myocardium. auricular flutter and fibrillation especially when caused by rheumatic fever.

Heart disease such as great weakness and faintness, poor circulation, cold skin and irregular respiration. This remedy helps to improve the strength and force of the heart beat (systolic). Patient may seem anxious about their future and may suffer from a depressed state of mind due to bad circulation of blood to the brain.


Ferrum Metallicum Young children with a failure to thrive, weak, anaemic, cold extremities, over sensitiveness and who flush easily. Looks pale and weak with irregular distribution of blood with appearance of cyanosis in some cases.

May be irritable and dislikes loud noises likes quiet room. Headaches caused from poor circulation of blood to the brain, pain is in the back of the head. It is noted that there is a Midnight aggravation that indicates this remedy. Pain is relieved by icy cold water.


Ferrum Phosphoricum



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For early stages of fever, colds and other illnesses for generally off colour complaints. Good to use for catarrh affected respiratory tract.

Can be used for anemia to be taken twice daily especially if the anemia is due to lack of iron.

May have an aversion to meat and milk. In cases of vomiting up undigested food. Sluggish slow digestion.


Gelsemium Good to use in cases where the nervous system is affected.  For anxiety, restlessness, stage fright, fear, exam nerves and can be taken in anticipation of a worrying event.

May have muscular weakness, dizziness, drowsiness or trembling. For headaches extending from the temple to the ear.

For flu like aches and pains including aching joints where the person has no energy and feels listless and tired.

Also in cases of Measles, sluggish circulation and pellagra.








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Good to use with people that are stout or heavy of fair complexion with skin complaints such as eczema or psoriasis.  Tend towards constipation are generally cold or get cold very easily.

The skin complaints tend to suppurate and weep with honey like sticky yellow exudation.

Duodenal ulcers, may suffer nausea, fullness or hardness in the abdomen. May have flatulence due to sluggish digestion. They generally have an aversion to meat and sweets nauseate while hot drinks tend to disagree with them as well.

They may suffer a burning sensation in the stomach that causes hunger and the pain is temporarily relieved by eating.


Hepar Suphuris For infection and right sides sore throats with "splinter" like pains. Good to use on people that have sluggish lymphatic circulation and may suffer from conditions like boils, acne, styes cold sores, herpes and weeping eczema.

For colds with coughs that are barking and have much yellow mucus. Generally infected sinus that creates a lot of pus and mucus to be produced.\

Suffers from vertigo and headache when the head is shaken, pain the right temple and may have a cold sweat on the head.







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Good remedy for injuries especially those of the nerves that affect fingers toes and nails.  For crushed or jammed fingers especially the tips. Can be used for splinters, bits and stings.

This remedy promotes rapid healing and is especially good to be taken after surgery as well as dental treatment and helps top prevent infection setting in.

Indications include tingling, burning and numbness as well as constant drowsiness and for when someone is suffering from shock.


Ignatia This is the first remedy to think of for cases of shock, sudden loss or grief, break up, homesickness, mental strain and general emotional upsets. Lots of sighing and sobbing.

Headache from bending over, stooping or crying. Heavy headed eyes feel hollow, headache as though a nail has been driven through. Congestive headaches made worse from smelling or smoking tobacco.

Light sleeping, jerking of limbs on going to sleep, insomnia from grief and sadness.








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Acts prominently on connective tissue, goitre, capillary congestion followed by swelling and chronic inflammation.

An iodium individuals are generally exceedingly thin, dark complexion with enlarged lymph glands. Large appetite but does not grow fat, stays thin. Very rapid metabolism with much hunger and thirst.

Generally crave cold air, gums bleed easily, halitosis, has ravenous hunger. Croupy coughs with difficult respiration. Worse indoors and in warm wet weather.

Inflamed joints cold hands and feet, though skin is generally hot and dry, heart feels as though it's being squeezed.


Ipecacuanha Nausea and vomiting are a prominent feature indicating this remedy. This is due to the main action being on the pneumo-gastric nerve. Especially indicated in overweight children and adults who are weak and catch cold in warm moist weather.

Generally irritable and holds everything in contempt, feels pain through the eyeballs profuse lachrymation.

May have blue rings around the eyes, tongue is generally clean though there is much nausea and saliva. Vomits food, bile, blood and mucus.

Also a good remedy for Morning sickness during pregnancy, travel sickness and gastric upset.


Kali Bichromicum





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This remedy has an affinity with mucous membranes of the stomach, bowels and air passages. Kidney, heat and liver are also affected. Good for chronic sinusitis with thick catarrh or so congested that there is no discharge.

Bronchitis with little or difficult expectoration, ulcerated throat and hoarseness.

throat is red and inflamed, dry or rough, burning extending to stomach.  Gastritis and stomach ulcers. Metallic hacking cough with profuse yellow expectoration, very glutinous and sticky.


Kali Carbonicum All Kali pains are sharp and cutting. One of the best remedies following labor, miscarriage or consequent debilitated states.  Early morning aggravation is common

Sweat with backache and weakness, throbbing pains. Mood is very irritable full of fear and imaginations. Anxiety is felt in the stomach and never wants to be left alone.

Headache from riding in cold wind and great dryness of hair, it falls out easily. Stitching pain in the liver region, old chronic liver troubles with soreness. Coldness of chest with wheezing, better in a warm climate. Back and legs give out, small of back feels weak.


Kali Muriaticum White or grey coating of tongue with thick white nasal discharges and phlegm are guiding symptoms.  Good for colds, earache, glandular swelling, tonsilitis and mouth ulcers with sharp pains.

Good for tonsilitis or follicular tonsillitis any condition where the tonsils are inflamed. Voice is hoarse, mucus is white and hard to cough up.  Rattling sounds of air passing through the mucus, asthma and whooping cough.


Kali Phosphoricum





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A great nerve remedy, good for prostration, lethargy or feeling weak and tired.  Especially in young people. There is a disturbance of the sympathetic nervous system. 

Should be thought of in the treatment of suspected malignant tumours and after removal of cancer when in healing process the skin is drawn tightly over the wound.

Good to use in conditions of chronic fatigue and other nervous exhaustion states. Headaches caused by mental strain, over work and studying.


Lachesis From snake poison, haemorrhagic conditions are indicated, especially Purpura, septic states, diphtheria and other low forms of disease or where the system become poisoned.  Delirium tremens (DT's), where there is much trembling and confusion.

A guiding symptom is the patient cannot bare anything tight anywhere on their body. Depressed state of mind, not wanting to mix with the world.

Restless and uneasy, does not wish to go to work or mix with others, Jealousy and contempt as well as suspicious of others and very untrusting.

May talk behind people's back and be malicious or have  malicious tendencies. Derangement of the time sense.  Negative personality that trusts no one.

Pains always seem worse on left side including sore throats, headaches and toothache. Lachesis sleeps in to aggravation and ailments come on during sleep.






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Great remedy for bites, stings and any wounds that are puncture like. Any skin eruption producing reaction like poison oak, mottled skin, inflamed or producing a rash. Can be used for tentanus with twitching of muscles near wound.

Can be taken as a preventative if traveling to tropical areas where there are lots of biting insects.

Also good for rheumatism that begins in the feet and travels upward.


Lycopodium Leading symptoms are generally urinary or digestive disturbances. Ailments gradually develop over a period of time. Digestive problems due to liver congestion or where the liver is seriously affected.

Skin signs may show yellowish spots (due to liver complaints), earthy complexion. Symptoms generally run from right to left and are worse from about 4 to 8pm.

Kidney complaints may include; red sand in urine, backache which worsens before urination. Likes to drink warm drinks.  Person lacks vital heat and has weak circulation.  Pains may also come and go suddenly, very sensitive to noise and odours.

Characteristics of mentals include, being afraid to be alone, little things annoy them and they may be extremely sensitive.








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Bleeding gums, mouth ulcers and septic sore throat with excessive saliva and bad breath.  Any glandular swellings including chronic ear complaints, red and sore ears. Abscesses that won't mend. Pain and symptoms are generally worse at night.

Secondary stage syphilis which produce rheumatic pains behind sternum and around joints. Falling of hair and conditions that affect glands, internal organs and bones producing lesions.

All mercury symptoms are worse at night and worse during perspiration.  Breath, excretions and body smell offensive.

Person showing mental signs for mercury remedy to be used are; generally slow in answering questions, memory loss or loss of will power, weary of life, mistrustful and have vertigo when lying on back.


Natrum Muriaticum A good remedy for the start of a cold or fever when a symptom included the nose "running like a tap". Also can be considered incases of oedema, swollen ankles, gout, chlorosis and    disturbances of the alimentary tract and skin.

May be used to treat hay fever or allergy where the nose and eyes are watery. In some cases of anaemia where there is great debility and weakness along with dry mucous membranes.

Cases of hyperthyroidism, goitre, Addison's disease and diabetes.

Emotional state may include depressed especially in chronic diseases, they don't like to be consoled, wants to be alone to cry and has tears with laughter. Person may crave salt.


Nux Vomica








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All problems caused by overindulgence, this is the classic hangover remedy used by many.  Also good to treat overwork, sedentary lifestyle, night watching and shift workers and times when the body clock is upset.

Good for excesses of all kinds including alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs,  mental over stimulation and computer game addicts.

Treats all conditions that produce an irritable nervous system and hypersensitivity. Conditions that effect the liver this remedy helps the nervous system also to calm and sooth the body. Typically known as a male remedy for the "playboy" type that likes to overindulge with alcohol, wine and rich foods that disturb the liver.

Generally mentally they have a zealous fiery temperament, are easily chilled, very irritable, cannot stand loud noises, strong odours or light and they do not want to be touched.


Phosphorus A broad spectrum remedy that include symptoms affecting the mucous membranes causing inflammation, fatty degenerations giving rise to haemorrhages and jaundice. 

Treats bronchitis, loose dry spasmodic coughs. Hoarseness, vomiting and heartburn. Any condition where there is inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Skin and nervous system complaints  with weak bones. Ill effects of Iodine and excessive use of salt.

Mentally they may be in low spirits, fearful, may fear thunderstorms, twilight, ghosts and the unknown. Fears death when alone, restless fidgety or may even be hyposensitive and indifferent.










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Good for treating colds and congestive complaints that produce thick yellow mucus. Treats  earaches, sinusitis, conjunctivitis and sticky eyelids.

The pulsatilla personality and mental state are chief guiding symptoms when using this remedy as they are mostly, mild, gentle, yielding, timid, sad and cries easily, weeps when talking.  Fears the dark, to be alone and ghosts.

Also a good children's remedy for the weaker temperament, changeable and contradictory also for childhood illnesses affecting the mucous membranes. Also illnesses that cause rashes such as measles or chicken pox.

Patient is generally thirstless, peevish and chilly with great sensitivity and usually needs more than one pillow to be comfortable. Lies on the bed asleep with hands above head.

Good to treat PMS, menstrual symptoms and hot flushes in menopause.


Rhus Toxicodendron The effects on the skin, rheumatic pain and inflammation of the mucous membranes. Rhus is notably good for fibrous tissue such as joints and tendons.

Any pain and stiffness of joints and bone especially felt in the mornings, symptoms tend to improve throughout the day and feel much better from movement.

Also known to treat shingles, chicken pox, eczema and cold sores.

The Rhus Tox personality may be listless and sad with some thoughts of suicide. Extreme restlessness with continued change of position. Great apprehension at night, cannot remain in bed.


Sabadilla Hay fever symptoms, has an action on the mucous membranes and the lachrymal glands. Eyelids may feel like they are burning.

Treats children's diarrhoea with constant cutting pains.

Patients tend to be sensitive to cold, the mind is nervous, timid and easily startled.






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Great remedy for menstrual symptoms such as; irregularity, dragging pains, heaviness, headaches and hot flushes of menopause.

Sepia acts best on brunettes with pain starting from below moving up. Hepatic complaints, feel cold even in a warm room and pulsating headache.

Sepia personality tends to be indifferent to loved ones, irritable, don't like to be consoled, wants to be left alone and tend to be better for exercise and movement.


Silica A deep and slow acting remedy known for treating boils, abscesses, gum sores, glandular swellings and ingrown hairs. Helps the body to expel splinters, thorns and foreign objects from the body.

Has been known to help expel shrapnel from the body and caution should be taken for those with teeth fillings or other foreign elements contained within the body such as knee replacements, pacemakers etc.

Diseases affecting bones, teeth and necrosis (dead/dying tissue). Silica can stimulate the body to reabsorb fibrotic conditions and scar tissue. Caution should be taken that it does not release walled in disease/bacteria, that has been bound by the immune system inside boils, causing the disease to then spread to other areas.

Can be thought of for the ill effects of vaccination.

Patient generally has a lack of heat, is cold, chilly, hugs the fire, wants plenty of warm clothing, hates drafts and is worse in winter.


Spongia Tosta



Good to use for croup and colds with a dry cough giving a sense of tickling and irritation in the throat. Barking coughs. This remedy is useful in following aconite as a remedy for croup.

The patient's symptoms are generally worse around midnight with increased anxiety and difficult breathing.







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A good anti-psoric remedy, having an affinity for the skin where it produces heat, burning and itching. Often used in cases of dry scaly skin made worse from bathing or heat of bed.

Conditions including hot flushes in menopause, dry and hard hair and skin, patient may have a sinking feeling in stomach about     11am and feels hungry.

The mental signs known with sulphur include being very forgetful,  difficult thinking, they may look dirty or appear scruffy, delusional and imagines he is immensely wealthy, is busy all the time. May also be quite selfish, no regard for others with religious melancholy.


Thuja Occidentalis






Acts on the skin, blood, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and brain. Good to use when treating warts and growths on the skin especially corns and calluses on the feet. Tinea and fungal infections with weak distorted nails.

Should be thought of for the ill effects of vaccinations especially in children. Pains that are tearing in muscles and joints and worse when at rest. Better in dry weather.

Mentals may include patient having fixed ideas and may have a strange sensation of the body and the mind being separated, looking at own hand but feeling as though it belongs to another person.


Veratrum album




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For violent vomiting and collapse, very painful vomiting with cramping, exhaustion and rapid prostration. Generally dehydrated with cold sweat, bluish sunken eyes.

Good for post-operative shock with cold sweat on forehead, pale face and rapid but feeble pulse.

The mind is restless almost mania, frenzied excitement, shrieks and curses.







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